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I am not necessarily endorsing or recommending all the teachers, authors or organizations listed on this links page. For an annotated list of nondual books, authors and teachers that I recommend, with reviews and links to their sites, please see my Recommended Books page. Many of the teachers listed on my Recommended Books page are not duplicated below, although some are. In addition to sites about nonduality and spirituality, most of which are in the left-hand column below, you'll also find links to sites about somatic awareness work, healing work, the arts, humor, progressive political and social change organizations, alternative media sources, aid organizations and other things that may be of interest, and those are mostly in the right-hand column below. --J.T.

Awakening Together Satsang with Joan
Facebook Author Page
Conscious TV Interview (2012)
SAND Conference Talk (2011)
Important Books Interview (2012)
Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview
Watkins Bookstore Talk (2012)
New Harbinger Publications
Non-Duality Press
Samsara (Dutch)
Springwater Center
Darryl Bailey
Rupert Spira
Dorothy Hunt
Jon Bernie
Leo Hartong
Chuck Hillig
Peter Brown
John Astin
Jean Klein
Francis Lucille
Salvadore Poe
Dharmata Foundation
Dharma Field Zen Center
Pacific Zen Institute
The Living Dharma Center
Prairie Zen Center
Ordinary Mind Zen School
Norman Fischer/Everyday Zen
Lotus & Rose
Awakening Together
J. Matthews
Miriam Louisa Simons
This Unlit Light
The Awakened Eye
Alain Joly
J. Krishnamurti
U.G. Krishnamurti
Sailor Bob Adamson
Robert Wolfe
Jim Newman
Richard Sylvester
Kenneth Madden
Caverly Morgan
Isaac Shapiro
Eckhart Tolle
Open Circle
Meeting Truth
John Tarrant
Santa Rosa Creek Zen Center
Rockridge Meditation Community
Uncertainty Club
John Tarrant's Zenosaurus
Joan Sutherland Cloud Dragon
Oaxaca Zen/D Allen
Mike Stiler
Catherine Ingram
John J. Prendergast
Peter Russell
Urban Guru Cafe
San Francisco Zen Center
Berkeley Zen Center
Sonoma Mountain Zen Center
Robert Saltzman
Randall Friend
Wayne Liquorman
Loch Kelly
John Bailey
Wes 'Scoop' Nisker
Roger Castillo
Billy Doyle
Spirit Rock
Insight Meditation
Inquiring Mind
Dan Harris
Richmond Meditative Inquiry Group
Eric Gross
Grace Bell
Richard C. Miller: iRest
Scott Kiloby
Geneen Roth
Refuge Recovery
Kevin Griffin
Rabbi Rami Shapiro
Gabor Mate
Arold Langeveld
Joey Lott
Valerie Mason-John
Spiritual Addiction
Grace Bubeck
Living from Love
Adam Bucko
Susan Moon
Frank Ostaseski
Zenju Earthlyn Manuel
Letters from Emptiness
Cynthia Bourgeault
Eric Kolvig
Rashani Rea
Vince Flammini
Nonduality London
Zen Center San Diego
Les Collins
Peter and Kalyani Lawry
Nonduality America Blog
Noumenon Journal
Fleet Maull
Jonathan Foust
Judith Blackstone
The Awakened Heart Center
Canela Michelle Meyers
Fred Davis
Pamela Wilson
Mike Jenkins
Jan Frazier
Buddhism Now
Ed Brown
Inner Directions
Stephen Wolinsky
Jill Rayna
Unmani Liza Hyde
William Samuel
Buddhist Geeks
Peter Fenner
Dharma Net
Incarnation Monastery
New Camaldoli Hermitage
Alice Gardner
Katie Davis
Big Mind
The Headless Way

Science & Nonduality Conference
Axis Dance Company
Peace in Schools
The Feldenkrais Method
ISSE Feldenkrais
Feldenkrais Ctr for Mov't Education
Russell Delman
Continuum Movement
Resources In Movement
Matthew Sanford
Democracy Now
Laura Flanders
The Nation
Free Speech TV
Noam Chomsky
Rainforest Action Network
Planned Parenthood
Center for Reproductive Rights
Southern Poverty Law Center
Prince Ea
Kate Clinton
Ladies Against Women
The Onion
Jill Bolte Taylor
Grasping the Bird's Tail
States of Grace movie
Lee Klinger Lesser
Nia Method
Ellen Emmet
On Being/Krista Tippett
Nat'l Gay and Lesbian Task Force
International LGBT and Intersex
Network of spiritual Progressives
Tikkun Magazine
Jewish Voice for Peace
Middle East Children's Alliance
Electronic Intifada
Norman Finkelstein
Occupation 101
Rachel Corrie Foundation
If Americans Knew
Code Pink
Michael Moore
Buddhist Peace Fellowship
Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network
Faith in America
Soul Force
New Alternatives for LGBT Homeless Youth
SAGE (LGBT Elders)
OutRight Action International
Transgender Law Center
The Intercept
DC Report
Charles Eisenstein
Bryan Stevenson
Naomi Klein
Howard Zinn
Nina Wise
Piers Moore Ede
Victoria Sweet/God's Hotel
Zen Hospice
NY Zen Center for Contemplative Care
The Conscious Dying Network
Metta Institute
Rachel Naomi Remen
Katy Butler
Compassion and Choices
Death with Dignity
World Right to Die Societies
Final Exit
Sister Helen Prejean
Equal Justice Initiative
Father John Dear
The Forgiveness Project
Barbara Ehrenreich
Journey of Hope
Contemplative Alliance
Doctors Without Borders
Oxfam International
Exit International
Brooks Palmer: Clutterbusting
Radical Honesty
Reciprocity Foundation
Marsha Linehan
Peter Levine/Trauma Healing
David Bohm
Susan Blackmore
Brain Science Podcast
World Without Hate
Compassionate Listening Project
Nonviolent Communication
John Pilger
Ralph Nader
Jeff Sharlet
Mark Rudd
The Maddow Blog
The Culturium
Next Culture
Foundation for New Monasticism
AHA Foundation
Good Guide
The Colbert Report
The Yes Men
kpfa radio
Orion Magazine
Derrick Jensen
Healing Neen
Walking Thru Bullets
Jarvis Jay Masters
Ctr for Contemplative Mind in Society
Poet Seers
Coleman Barks
Laura Inserra
Father Poulin Art
Paul Rezendes
Vernon Kitabu Turner
Charles Fisher
Sir Ken Robinson
Ran Ortner
Toinette Lippe
Teju Cole
Leonard Cohen
Pam Barry Jewelry
Dot: The Movie
David Lorenz Winston
Micky Duxbury
Alan Senior Art
Allen Baker Healing
Helen Palmer/enneagram