Meetings with Joan invite an open exploration of the living reality Here / Now—seeing through the mirage-like sense of being a separate self encapsulated in a separate body, recognizing the fluidity and unbroken wholeness of present experiencing and the awaring presence beholding it all, discovering the perfection of what is, just as it is. Joan’s bare-bones approach is simple, direct and down-to-earth. She points beyond concepts and beliefs to the immediacy of direct knowing and being.

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Joan offers hour-long individual meetings (by phone or Skype) on a sliding fee scale. Please click here for more information.


5-DAY EAST COAST RETREAT March 26-31, 2016: Joan will be offering a 5-day residential retreat at Springwater Center in Springwater, New York, an hour south of Rochester. Springwater is a beautiful country retreat center on some 200 acres, with fields, woods, a pond, and many trails. The schedule will include meditation, talks, dialog, and private meetings with Joan. Aside from talks, dialogs and private meetings, the retreat will be held in silence. Meditation here is simply being awake in this moment, without method or technique, open to what is. All meditation periods are optional, none will ever be longer than 30 minutes, and chairs of all kinds are available, including armchairs and recliners, as well as meditation cushions, abundant support cushions, meditation benches and balance chairs, so there are many ways to sit comfortably. The food is simple, vegetarian fare. Most rooms are shared, although a few private rooms are available for an additional fee. The cost of the retreat for a non-member of Springwater Center is $440 ($340 for members). The retreat begins with a (non-silent) dinner at 5:30 PM on Saturday the 26th and ends with a (non-silent) lunch on Thursday the 31st. If you are flying or taking a train or bus, Springwater staff can pick people up in Rochester for a fee—check with them before booking flights about the times when they can do this and the fees. Registration is being handled by Springwater Center, and they can answer any questions about fees, accommodations, food, airport rides, and other practical matters. (Joan's first book, Bare-Bones Meditation: Waking Up from the Story of My Life, was largely about her years on staff at Springwater, working with Toni Packer).


Joan is taking a winter break from her usual monthly public meetings in Ashland. Her Ashland mailing list will be notified when the meetings resume, and that information will be posted here as well.


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