The Openness of Presence,
The Simplicity of Here-Now,
Awareness: The Bottom-Line

In her books and meetings with people, Joan offers a direct and simple path from suffering to liberation: recognizing that you are already free and unbound; waking up from the story of being a separate self in a fragmented world; abiding in the Heart, the ever-present Here / Now, the True Home that we never leave; discovering directly that everything is an undivided movement of Consciousness; learning not to mistake the map-world of conceptual thought for the living reality of direct experiencing; resting in simple presence; being the awareness beholding it all. Awareness is the light that reveals every apparent form, the intelligence that sees the false as false, the unconditional love that allows everything to be as it is, the unbroken unicity from which nothing stands apart, the boundless transparency to which the word "I" most deeply refers—no-thing and everything, just as it is.