The Openness of Presence
The Simplicity of What Is
Here-Now: Plain and Simple

If we drop all the labels, ideas and beliefs about life and what’s going on here, if we let go of everything that can be doubted, what remains? Is it not this undeniable awaring presence and the bare actuality of present experiencing, just as it is?

In exploring experience directly and carefully, we may notice that it is ever-changing, impermanent, impossible to pin down or grasp. The present moment is gone before it arrives! And yet, whatever time, location or experience shows up, it always appears Here-Now. This awaring presence is the common factor in every different experience. This immediacy has no inside or outside, no before or after. The self and its apparent boundaries cannot actually be found.

It may be discovered that every interest, urge, thought, action and apparent choice emerge choicelessly from an unfindable source, and that even what we consider to be terrible mistakes and misfortunes are all part of this undivided, seamless happening. It all goes together as one, indivisible whole—it all belongs. Nothing needs to be, or can be, other than it is in this moment.

Every moment is fresh and new. There is no final answer, no final understanding, no finish-line to cross. Freedom is letting go of the known, embracing groundlessness, relaxing into the all-inclusive and open aliveness of what is.