The Openness of Presence
The Eternal, Infinite Here-Now
Awareness: The Bottom-Line
Nonduality: Plain and Simple

Nonduality points to the ever-present Here-Now and the undivided unicity from which nothing stands apart. This seamless, boundless, limitless unicity has no beginning and no end, no inside and no outside. It shows up as snowflakes and zebras and hurricanes and galaxies and billions of people, each of whom has the sense of being a seemingly independent self, encapsulated inside a body, looking out at a separate "outside" world. But what if all of that is a kind of dream? When we look closely, we may find that this self and its supposed boundaries cannot actually be found. We may discover that we are no-thing and everything—that there is nothing apart from us—and that even what we consider to be terrible mistakes and misfortunes are all part of this infinite wholeness. Awareness (unconditional love) beholds the whole show—totally open, resisting nothing, grasping nothing, allowing everything to be as it is.