Non-duality, Zen, Advaita, Enlightenment, Awakening—What's it all about?

It is the dissolution of every answer to that question. Being just this moment. Discovering what is imaginary and what is real. Waking up to the seamless, boundless, immediacy Here / Now, this that is most intimate: the sounds of rain splashing in the street, the hum of a vacuum cleaner, the cheeping of a bird, the sensations of breathing, a tingling in the feet, fingers moving over computer keys, the smell of rain-drenched earth, the twinkling stars in the night sky, the neon lights of the city, the listening-awaring-presence being and beholding it all.

Thought divides this ungraspable, ever-changing seamlessness into mind and body, form and emptiness, awareness and content, relative and absolute, spiritual and mundane, enlightenment and delusion, self and other. The dividing lines and the objects they seem to create are always conceptual and imaginary. Reality is undivided, unbound, nondual.

If you look deeply, you may find that impermanence is so complete that no-thing ever actually forms as a persisting, independent something to even be impermanent. You may also find that no actual boundary can be located in your direct experience where "inside of you" turns into "outside of you," that it is one seamless happening. You may even discover that the turbulent, overcast weather is as integral to this happening as the calm, sunny weather, that none of it is personal, and that none of it is really a problem. 

Who is it that seemingly needs to be liberated? Can you actually find this one, or is it only a thought-image-sensation-story? Can you locate the source of your thoughts and actions? Doesn't every thought, interest, intention, impulse, action and reaction appear here in the same way that the brain, the breath, the wind, the clouds, the trees, and the galaxies appear here?

The pathless-path of being liberated on the spot is about seeing through the imaginary problems and the one who seems to have them, waking up from the thoughts, stories, beliefs and identities to which we cling, discovering the aliveness of presence and the simplicity of being this moment, just as it is. Liberation is not "out there" somewhere; it is right here.