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January 7, 2022:

How can we actually experience the truth that everything is an indivisible whole and that we are not limited or encapsulated in the ways we imagine—not merely as a belief or a comforting idea, but as our lived reality? Isn’t this the aspiration behind true spiritual practice—to realize, to actualize, to embody and to live out of the openness, aliveness and freedom of unconditional love, to be awake here and now to the deepest truth, to wake up from the trance of unnecessary suffering?

Of course, in the absolute sense, there is no way not to embody or experience the One Reality. Even the experience of apparently being lost, separate and confused is none other than this wholeness appearing as fragmentation. And in the absolute sense, of course there is no path from Here to Here because we can’t ever be anyplace else, and wherever we go, here we always are, and “we” and “Here” are actually indivisible.

And yet, we don’t always realize this. And so, we have many ways of exploring reality, seeing through illusion and discovering truth. And I’m all for such things as meditation, silent retreats, working with teachers, and whatever else works for each unique individual, hopefully focused on right now and not result-oriented. Because chasing after enlightenment, peace, love or joy is one of the best ways to keep it at bay. And in unconditional love, nothing is left out. Even the difficult experiences are welcomed.

It is an illusion that any separate person abides permanently in some pleasant experience of impersonal boundlessness. It is equally illusory that any separate person ever leaves the One Reality. Experiences always come and go, like the weather, but Here-Now is ever-present. Chasing permanent experiences is a hopeless endeavor.

It is more helpful to notice that ALL experiences—whether of unity or separation, happiness or anguish—come and go in this placeless immediacy or timeless eternity of Here-Now. And to also notice how the phantom self seemingly comes into existence with a thought such as, “I still go in and out of awareness. I want to abide there permanently.” This “I” who supposedly goes in and out of some experience or state that is being called “awareness” is a mental image, a bunch of thoughts, memories, stories and sensations. It has no actual existence. Nor does the imagined future or the remembered past to which that thought-sentence refers. In reality, there is simply this one bottomless moment, just as it is. It never departs from itself and it never stays the same.

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