Just This, As It Is

The bare actuality of present experiencing requires no belief and is impossible to doubt—sounds of traffic, light dancing on green leaves, taste of tea, heart beating, breathing, thoughts popping up and evaporating. No words or formulations, including these, can capture this aliveness. It is at once seamlessly whole yet infinitely varied, vividly present but impossible to grasp, ever-changing without ever departing from the instantaneous and timeless immediacy of Here-Now.

In direct experiencing, no actual boundary can be found between inside and outside. Presence is seamless. The inner weather is as impersonal and evanescent as the outer weather. Every apparent form, including the bodymind, is an activity of the whole, just as every wave is an activity of the ocean, inseparable from it. Each wave is unique and unrepeatable, yet no wave exists independently or stays the same for even an instant.

We get lost in unnecessary suffering and imaginary problems by mistaking the conceptual map for the living actuality. But in the bare simplicity of present experiencing, there is beauty and wonder in what is most ordinary. The no-thing-ness, emptiness, fullness, wholeness, boundlessness, spaciousness, fluidity, ungraspable aliveness and infinite subtlety of what is reveals itself everywhere, in everything.

We habitually search for explanations, for something to grasp, but in holding on to nothing at all, there is an immense openness and freedom. What is offered here invites firsthand exploration and direct discovery, not belief or dogma. There is no finish-line, no formula, no method, only the inexplicable ever-fresh aliveness of just this, exactly as it is.