The Openness of Presence
The Freedom of Not Knowing
The Simplicity of What Is
Here-Now: Immediate-Limitless

What is effortlessly present and impossible to doubt? Is it not the bare actuality of present experiencing, just as it is, prior to all the labels, ideas, interpretations, formulations, explanations and beliefs about it? 

There is no true explanation or description of this living reality, but we tend to mistake our conceptual maps and the abstractions of thought for the actuality they describe. Seeking certainty and security, we want answers, but the answers all turn out to be doubtful. The only truth is in the groundlessness of not knowing.

If we give careful attention to the bare actuality of life, it becomes clear that everything is happening by itself: thoughts, sensations, urges, interests, desires, emotions, actions. There is no thinker authoring the thoughts, no chooser making the apparent choices, no observer standing apart from the observed. There is simply one whole undivided movement that never leaves the immediacy of here-now, this luminous awaring presence that we are.

Every moment is fresh and new. There is no final answer, no ultimate resolution, no path to follow, no finish-line to cross. There is simply this inconceivable actuality, doing what it does, and everything, without exception, is included.