Being Just This Moment:
The Simplicity of What Is

What is effortlessly present and impossible to doubt? Is it not the bare actuality of present experiencing, prior to all the labels, ideas, interpretations, formulations, explanations and beliefs about what this is or what you are? 

The naked actuality requires no belief. It is ungraspable, but unavoidable; ever-changing, but never moving away from Here-Now. There is diversity, but not separation – no inside or outside; not one, not two. It cannot be pinned down by any formulation.

But we tend to mistake our conceptual maps—the abstractions and reifications of thought—for the living reality. The map-world freezes and divides it up conceptually into apparently separate and persisting pieces. This is the root source of much human confusion and suffering.

Waking up can only happen now. The pathless path is immediate, not progressive. There is nowhere to go, and no finish-line to cross. Waking up is nothing more or less than being just this moment, leaping clear of the many and the one, recognizing that the relative is the absolute. Every moment is fresh and new. And everything, without exception, is included.