Here-Now, Just This: Ever-Present, Ever-changing

Spirituality as I mean it is a perspective that sees all of life as sacred, and by sacred, I mean worthy of devotion, full of wonder, inconceivable and ungraspable. This kind of spirituality is about direct experience, not belief or dogma. It is focused on Here-Now, not on some imaginary future. Everywhere is a sacred space—the traffic jam, the office, the toilet—and everything is the Holy Reality.

This kind of spiritual path is pathless and immediate. It is about recognizing the wonder of presence, the spaciousness and undivided boundlessness Here-Now and the thorough-going impermanence of everything that appears. In this kind of path, we're not trying to get somewhere or get rid of anything. We're simply being and beholding the whole show, noticing the habitual (impersonal, conditioned) tendencies to grasp, seek, resist, defend, judge, compare and control. In the light of awareness, these tendencies may relax and the sense of separation and encapsulation may dissolve, but either way, everything is included in the seamlessness of what is. There is no inside and outside, no separation, no gap. Everything is myself. There is only what is, just as it is: unresolvable, uncontrollable, inconceivable—and yet obvious and unavoidable.

Rather than trying to nail everything down conceptually or figure it out mentally, this is about letting go into the groundlessness and openness of simple presence, and finding joy in what is, as it is.