Here-Now, Just This: Ever-Present, Ever-changing

What’s on offer here? Is it Buddhism? Zen? Advaita? Meditative inquiry? Non-duality?

What if we drop all the labels and simply notice the bare actuality of present experiencing, just as it is, prior to all the labels, stories and thoughts about it? We might notice that this awaring-sensing-experiencing-thinking-being, this living actuality, is ever-changing while never departing from Here-Now, that it is infinitely varied while also being a seamless and boundless unbroken whole. We might discover that there is no actual inside and outside in our experiencing, no actual before and after, no actual observer apart from the observed.

What is offered here is a perspective that sees all of life as sacred, i.e. worthy of devotion, full of wonder, inconceivable and ungraspable, never the same way twice. The traffic jam, the office, the toilet are as holy as the temple. This is about direct experience, not belief or dogma. It is focused on Here-Now, not on some imaginary future or remembered past. We're not trying to get somewhere or get rid of anything.

There is a great freedom and relief when the search for what we imagine is lacking comes to an end (not forever after, but right now). What remains is the simplicity of being just this moment, exactly as it is—just this! Ever-changing, unresolvable, ungraspable, unavoidable. Instead of trying to formulate or transcend it, this is an invitation to simply BE it.