The Indivisible Immediacy of What Is

What is effortlessly present and impossible to doubt? Is it not the bare actuality of present experiencing, prior to all the labels, ideas, interpretations, formulations, explanations and beliefs about what this is or what you are? 

The naked actuality requires no belief. It is ungraspable, but unavoidable; ever-changing, but never departing from Here-Now. There is diversity, but not separation—no inside or outside; not one, not two. It cannot be pinned down by any formulation.

We tend to mistake our conceptual maps—the abstractions and reifications of thought—for this ever-changing and unresolvable living reality. This is the root source of much human confusion and suffering. The map-world conceptually divides and freezes reality into seemingly separate, independent, persisting pieces existing in time, whereas the living actuality is seamless, timeless, immediate, always Here-Now.

We imagine a self authoring our thoughts and making our choices, but in fact, the bodymind is like a wave on the ocean—inseparable from the whole and incapable of going off in a direction other than the one in which the ocean is moving. Liberation is the recognition (now) that there is no one to be liberated, and the falling away (now) of the imaginary problem.