The Openness of Presence
The Freedom of Not Knowing
The Simplicity of What Is
Here-Now: Immediate-Limitless

What is effortlessly present and impossible to doubt? Is it not the bare actuality of presence or present experiencing, prior to all the labels, ideas, interpretations, formulations, explanations and beliefs about what this is or what "you" are? 

The actuality itself is clear and obvious, but we tend to mistake our conceptual maps and beliefs—the abstractions and reifications of thought—for the living reality. This persistent delusion is the root source of all confusion and suffering.

In the bare actuality itself, what we call thoughts, sensations, urges, interests, desires, emotions and actions appear, but there is no thinker authoring the thoughts, no chooser making the apparent choices, no observer standing apart from the observed. There is diversity but not separation.

Whatever time it is, it is always Now, and however far we travel, we are always Here. This immediacy, this aware presence, this Here-Now-ness is ever-present, limitless, without borders or seams. It is the common factor in every different experience, the stillness at the heart of all movement. It has no inside, no outside, no before or after, no other.

There is no path to follow, no finish-line to cross. There is simply this inconceivable living actuality Here-Now—ever-present, ever-changing, unresolvable, always fresh and new. And everything, without exception, is included.