Here-Now, Just This: Ever-Present, Ever-changing

Non-dual spirituality as I mean it is a perspective that sees all of life as sacred, i.e. worthy of devotion, full of wonder, inconceivable and ungraspable. This kind of spirituality is about direct experience, not belief or dogma. It is focused on Here-Now, not on some imaginary future. We're not trying to get somewhere or get rid of anything. Everywhere is a sacred space—the traffic jam, the office, the toilet—and everything is the Holy Reality.

This kind of spiritual path is pathless and immediate, focused only on being awake Here-Now, awake to direct experiencing and to presence itself. We habitually tend to overlook direct experience in favor of our conceptual maps and beliefs, endlessly trying to nail everything down and figure it all out mentally. Awareness sheds light on these conditioned tendencies to grasp, seek, resist, defend, judge, compare and control. It illuminates how these tendencies create the thought-sense (and the illusion) of separation, encapsulation, fragmentation and personal autonomy. It reveals that the self we think we are is a mental image, a story.

By attending to just this, by being simply the aware presence that we are, it becomes clear that reality is seamless and boundless, that there is no inside and outside, no before and after, no separation, no gap, no self or not-self. The pathless path is a seeing through, an undoing, a letting go into the radiant darkness, the not knowing, the groundlessness that is ever-present and ever-changing, the living actuality Here-Now.