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NEW: Joan in conversation with Will Pye on The Beauty of Everything Falling Apart: Aging, Dying and Living in the Anthropocene (November 2019)

Awakening Together Satsang with Joan Tollifson (April 2018)

Joan Interviewed by Renate McNay on
Conscious TV (November 2012 in London)

Joan Interviewed by Eleonora Gilbert on Conscious TV about 4 books that deeply impacted Joan's spiritual journey (November 2012 in London)

(You can also find both Conscious TV interviews on YouTube here and here)

Joan Interviewed by Rick Archer on
Buddha at the Gas Pump (September 2011)

Cancer As an Awakening Journey (Part One): Joan in conversation with Grace Bubeck (March 2018)

Cancer As an Awakening Journey (Part Two): Joan in conversation with Grace Bubeck
(February 2019)

Joan's Talk at SAND (Science and Nonduality) in October 2017

Joan's talk at SAND (Science and Nonduality) (October 2016)

Joan's Talk at SAND (Science and Nonduality Conference (October 2015)

Joan's talk at Watkins Books in London (November 2012)-- note: the Q & A after the talk has been edited, removing most of the questions and parts of Joan's responses.

Joan Interviewing her teacher Toni Packer (December 1994)

Growing Old and Dying: Joan in conversation with Grace Bubeck (2017)

Seeing the Beloved Everywhere
from SAND Interview 2015

A Zen Approach to Politicsfrom SAND Interview 2015

Recording of Joan's Web Satsang on Open Circle (April 17, 2016)

Joan Interviewed by Cynthia Sue Larson for
Conscious Life News (October 2015)

Short Excerpt from Joan's appearance on Like Wow, a local Oregon TV Show in 2009

Clip from Interview with Joan by Lynn Fraser on Scott Kiloby’s Radical Recovery Summit (Recorded Dec 2017, aired Feb 2018) available in full to subscribers to the Radical Recovery Summit series). (This was recorded shortly after being diagnosed with cancer, a day or two before surgery and after undergoing lots of tests and scans.)

Short Excerpts from Several Video Interviews with Joan in Chicago (2008)
are posted on YouTube: Openness That's Always Here, No Achieving What’s Already Here, and Beauty Is In the Seeing, and you may find more on YouTube here.


NEWEST: Joan Talking about Addiction on Buddhist Recovery Network

Joan's Interview on Awakening Together (April 2018)

Recording of Joan's Web Satsang with Open Circle (April 17, 2016)

Conversation with Joan on Rami Shapiro's radio show (Sept 17, 2014)

Interview with Joan on Urban Guru Cafe (October 2010)

Audio conversation with Joan on Scott Kiloby's Kilologues (2009)

Conscious TV Interview available as on-line audio or mp3 download (2012/2013)

Interview with Joan on Buddha at the Gas Pump (Sept 2011)
(available as audio only)

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