Individual Conversations

Joan is available to meet with people for an hour on Zoom (or by phone). The fee is a sliding scale of $70 to $125 USD. The fee is for her time, not for any special wisdom.

Joan meets you with no agenda, not knowing what will happen, promising no results. She sees herself as an explorer and an ordinary person, not an authority. She has no credentials, represents no tradition, makes no claims about being more enlightened than anyone else, and does not think of herself as a teacher or see those she meets with as students. In her view, we are all equally movements of this inconceivable, indivisible, seamless, boundless presence, exploring and discovering together as one whole happening.

If you'd like to set up a meeting, email Joan for available times and full details. The email address is: info (at) joantollifson (dot) com – simply replace the words in parentheses with the standard symbols used for emailing.

After the meeting, or before if you prefer, you can make your payment by using the "Donate" button at the bottom of this page. Or you can arrange to send a check or money order in US funds through the mail.

These meetings are not intended as a substitute for professional psychotherapy, psychiatric or medical care, legal or financial advice. Please consult a licensed professional in these