Exploring the Unavoidable Actuality

No words or formulations can capture or contain this aliveness, and yet words and the worlds they create are a movement of this aliveness. This infinite potentiality or boundless immediacy is both limitless and most intimate, all-inclusive, with apparently infinite holographic and fractal dimensions and ways of seeing itself—all of it an imagination.

This undeniable aware presence (or present experiencing) has no inside or outside. It is seamlessly whole yet infinitely varied, vividly present but evanescent and impossible to grasp, ever-changing while never departing from itself. The apparent unfolding of time occurs in the timeless eternity of Now, and the pathless path through the gateless gate is a journey to the placeless place we have never left: Here-Now, just as it is. The whole journey is like a dream, and the dreamer is unknowable, for whatever can be known is in the dream.

What is offered here invites open exploration and direct discovery, not belief or dogma. It encourages an openness to surprise, a sense of humor, and a devotion to the ordinary. There is no finish-line, no goal, no method, nothing to accomplish, no one to fix or improve—only this inexplicable ever-fresh aliveness, and the unavoidable actuality of how it is (and isn’t).