Just This, As It Is!

Morning breeze, sounds of traffic, taste of tea, smell of rain, thoughts popping up and evaporating, breathing, listening, sensing—no words or formulations can capture or contain this ever-changing aliveness. It is at once seamlessly whole yet infinitely varied, vividly present but evanescent and impossible to grasp, ever-changing without ever departing from the immediacy of Here-Now.

If we look closely at what seems solid and outside of us, or at the apparent self that seems to be authoring our thoughts and controlling our actions, nothing substantial or persisting can actually be found. The bodymind is an activity of the whole, just as every wave is an activity of the ocean, inseparable from it. The inner weather is as impersonal as the outer weather, all of it a spontaneous happening that vanishes as soon as it appears.

The pathless path through the gateless gate is a journey to the place we have never left: Here-Now, just as it is. What is offered here invites open exploration and direct discovery, not belief or dogma. It encourages an openness to surprise, a devotion to the ordinary, and a sense of humor and wonder. There is no finish-line, no goal, no method, nothing to accomplish, no one to fix or improve—only this ever-fresh aliveness.