Open Unbound All-Inclusive Presence

The morning breeze, the sounds of traffic, the taste of tea, thoughts popping up and evaporating, breathing, moving—present experiencing is infinitely varied and ever-changing, yet it shows up as one seamless whole that never moves away from the immediacy of Here-Now, this boundless aware presence. No words or formulations can capture or contain this aliveness.

In any moment of waking up to this immediacy, it becomes obvious that THIS is whole and complete just as it is, that everything belongs and nothing persists. The traffic jam, the office, the toilet and the temple are equally holy. The inner weather is as impersonal and evanescent as the outer weather, and there isn’t really any inside or outside, just infinitely varied (holographic, fractal) dimensions of one seamless whole which never departs from itself.

The passing show of waking life dissolves moment by moment into emptiness. If we look closely at what seems solid and persisting and outside of us, or at the apparently separate and encapsulated little “me” who seems to be inside the head authoring “my” thoughts and actions, none of this can actually be found. If we drop out of thinking into open aware presence, we may find that what we truly are is vast and limitless, subtler than space, absolutely free, inclusive of everything and dependent on nothing. This un-seeable Ultimate Subject is ever-present regardless of what appears or disappears.

What is offered here invites open exploration and firsthand discovery of all of this, not belief or dogma. It encourages devotion to Here-Now and an openness to surprise. What is pointed to includes both wholeness and particularity, form and emptiness, ordinary and transcendent. There is no finish-line here, no goal, no formula, no method, only this inexplicable ever-fresh aliveness.